Northeastern Poultry Congress  --  2011
January 15 & 16, 2011


In Honor Of Warren Carlow

Super Grand Champion
White Wyandotte Pullet, By Rick Hare
Reserve Grand Champion
Silver Penciled Plymouth Rock Cockerel
By Brian Lewis
Display Results

7 displays competing

First place with 541 points; Shawn Streeter Brassy Back OE (#242)
Second Place 213 Points; H & R Rogers  Golden Sebrights (#109)
Third place 178 Points; Rick Hare
Black Rosecombs (#98)
Fouth Place 103 Points; H & R Rogers Silver Sebrights (#109)
Fifth Place 90 Points; Brian Lewis
Silver Pencilled Plymouth Rocks (#130)
Super Grand Champion
White Wyandotte Pullet
by Rick HareReserve Grand Champion
Silver Penciled Rock K
by Brian LewisReserve Champion Bantam
Black Modern Game Pullet
By Bruce ClappReserve Champion Large Fowl
WCB Polish Hen
By Joel HenningChampion Waterfowl
White Pekin Pullet
By Rick HareReserve Champion Waterfowl
Brown African Cock
By Kelsey  Ferguson
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