Poultry Congress Youth Program for 2013


     The APA-ABA Poultry Youth Club has prepared a study guide that outlines the showmanship procedures.  You can obtain a copy from their website.

     Showman should be prepared to answer questions relative to production, health, nutrition, and breeding about their bird and poultry in general.  Showman should dress neatly, preferably in dark pants and a long sleeved white collared shirt.  The most important thing to remember is to handle your bird in a natural and comfortable way for both you and your bird, at the same time allowing the judge to see what they are looking for.

Note:  If possible bring a bird for showmanship that is not entered in the show.  Judging will not be delayed for birds not cooped at the time of judging.

Showmanship classes

Pre-novice:  Open to any youth under 9 years old

Novice:  Open to any youth who has shown less than 3 times

Junior:  Open to youth ages 9 through 11

Intermediate:  Open to youth ages 12 through 14

Senior:  Open to youth 15 through 18

Judging Contest

Two divisions will be offered:   Junior 13 and under and Senior over 13.

Three classes will be available for the youth to judge.  The classes will be production layers, exhibition birds and eggs.  A seminar will held first thing in the morning to explain judging techniques.

General knowledge exam

Again 2 divisions will be offered, Junior 13 and under and Senior over 13.
Questions will cover identification, production nutrition, health and breeding.

Quiz Bowl

On Sunday morning if time permits we will hold a just for fun quiz bowl.

Juniors can sign up to participate the morning of the show

Click here to see the
JUNIOR Champions
for 2003
January 2012

We just want to congratulate you all for a brilliant display of your birds and showmanship.  It is so refreshing to see your enthusiasm and dedication.  Please keep up the good work so our fancy will continue to grow and prosper.

Some Bird Buzz from:  “The Middlesex County 4-H Aviculture Club”

Our club is located in Westford, MA and we have members from  ages  5 to 18.  We are experiencing a turnover of membership and are looking for youth who love poultry or just want to learn about it.  Monthly meeting are usually based around the birds, but sometimes we venture out of the box to learn new things.  This club is friendly and very low key.  We have fun at whatever we do.  Upcoming is our annual visual presentations in which the members will present a project of their choice.  Doing a visual in a comfortable setting encourages them to be confident in public speaking.
We will also be planning the spring events like the (Silver Spur Open Poultry Show in May)

If anyone is interested in joining our club you can contact one of our new leaders
Mark Rambacher   mrambacher@yahoo.com  or Irene Noble  inoble@carrera-dls.com
Previous leaders but still involved:  Donna Fenton and Bruce Clapp

We would love to hear what is going on in your club, farm, or just you.  Its good to get different ideas and maybe some of the clubs can get together for an activity.
Please write to me so we can get some of your “Bird Buzz”!
We are also looking for any type of learning information on poultry.


Donna Fenton  fenton4h@yahoo.com

Pics from 2012