Northeastern Poultry Congress
2022 Results
January 15 & 16, 2022
First place Mark Mendonca on Black Old English Game Bantams with 291 points. 
Second Place C & C Poultry ( Cheryl Barnaba & Cesar Botelho ) on White Old English Game Bantams with 206 points.
Third place Swamprun’s Poultry (John Miles & Brandy Miles) on Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams with 188 points.  
Fourth place C & C Poultry ( Cheryl Barnaba & Cesar Botelho) on Brown Red Old English Game Bantams with 179 points. 
Fifth place Billye Davis on Bearded Buff Silkies with 114 points. 
Super Grand Champion
Silver Spangled Hamburg Hen
by Entrophy Farms
Reserve Super Grand Champion
Blue Andalusion Pullet
by Swamprun's Poultry
Super Grand Champion of the Junior Show went to Tiffany Howe of MA with a Brown African male. 
Reserve of Show went to Eddie Blash of MA with a White Bantam Cornish.
Champion Bantam White Plymouth Rock P by Swamprun's Poultry
Reserve Champion Bantam White Leghorm Pullet by George Beyer
Champion Waterfowl White Pekin by Alexandra Wisniewski
Reserve Champion Waterfowl Buff Saddleback Hen by Jackie Ferguson
Champion Turkey Bourbon Red Tom by Erin Thibault


Jackie Koedatich
Jeff Halbach
Erik Nelsen
Dan Castle 
Rick Hare
Tom Carey

Junior Judges:
Linda Blackman, Tom Kane, Keith Lutz, Joseph Marquette
2022 Honoree
Jan Brett