The results of the 2017 show are in! 
 Thank you to all the volunteers who make our show happen. We couldn't do it without you.  
Thanks to the Judges, and thanks to all the Exhibitors who came out and showed a total of 2550 Birds.
2017 Honoree - Kenny Mainville
This years show was held in Honor of Kenny Mainville. Sadly he passed away on December 24th after a long battle with Cancer. He was one of the earliest members of the Poultry Congress, and will be remembered with love and friendship by all of us. His wife Karen Mainville accepted his award.
2017 Show Results
Super Grand Champion 
New Hampshire Cockerel by Robert Poole
Reserve Super Grand Champion

Rhode Island Red Cockerel by
Heather & Laura Candia
Junior Reserve Super Grand Champion, Black Sumatra Cockerel, by #170 Keenan Thygesen.
Junior Super Grand Champion, Single Comb White Leghorn Cockerel, by #170 Keenan Thygesen
Yup.  He won them both!
Reserve Bantam, Black old English H By Tony Bezok            Res. Large Fowl, Black Ameraucana K by Seth Johnson
Champion Waterfowl
White Sebastopol 
by Karen MacPherson
Res. Champion Waterfowl
Black Muscovey P
by Conrad Halberg
Display results coming soon
Display winners 2017
Northeastern Poultry Congress 

22 qualifying displays

1. Tom Roebuck Black Cochin Bantams: 556 Points
2. Richard Schock Black Sumatra Bantams: 280 Points
3. Rudy Plausse Black Wyandotte Bantams: 246 Points
4. K&R Wyandottes White Wyandotte LF: 244 Points
5. Matt Martin Barred Plymouth Rock Bantams: 208 Points