Silver Spangled Hamburg, CHAMPION LARGE FOWL, Erik Nelsen
RES> LARGE FOWL Dominique P, Mike Stichler
Langshan K, Rebecca Buffington
Black Australorp K, Dan Castle
Black Malay C, Carl Brantley
White Leghorn P William Sandoe
WCB Polish P, Kathy Troxell
Black OE H, Marco Mizzoni
Birchen Modern Game P, Troy LaRoche
RES CH BANTAM Silver Laced Wyandotte P, Melissa Mizzoni
RES. CH WATERFOWL White Call C David Touchette
Brown African C, Bob Batholomew
Khaki Campbell, Kelsey Ferguson
Cayuga C, Rick Hare
Sebastopol C, Karen MacPherson
CHAMPION TURKEY Bronze C, Erin Thibault
2014 Honoree Don Nelson
Bantam Black Cochin Hen
Reserve Super Grand Champion, Blue Muscovey Hen by Danny Padgett       
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Thank you 
American Poultry Association
2013 APA National
Questions on any Club Show Reports ask Cheryl
Senior Skillathon

1st  Alyssa Grocott
2nd  Logan Stoltman
3rd   Eli Stoltman
4th  Daniel Kuyoth
5th  Abigail Cipparone

Junior Skillathon

1st  Kara Miller
2nd  Edison Cigany
3rd Will Kitsch
4th  Alyssa Brennan
5th  Emily Syme

Senior Judging

1st Eli Stoltman
2nd  Katelyn Kuyoth
3rd Ally Green
4th Abigail Cipparone
5th  Alyssa Grocott

Junior Judging

1st Becca Syme
2nd  Ethan Faye
3rd Kara Miller
4th  Emily Syme
5th  Justin Day
Senior Showmanship

1st Ally Greene
2nd  Logan Stoltman
3rd  Abigail Cipparone
4th  Hugh Cipparone
5th  Jonathon Fones

Intermediate Showmanship

1st  Danielle Brazeau
2nd  Haddie Walters
3rd  Emily Syme
4th  Abby Battles
5th  Jamie Seale

Junior Showmanship

1st  Aligail Shea
2nd  Becca Syme
3rd  Alyssa Brennan
4th  Alden Halfinger
5th  Sabrina O'Grady

Novice Showmanship

1st  Samantha O'Grady
2nd  Emmett Day
3rd  Alyssa Brennan
4th  Amanda McKein
5th Annika Cooper

Pee Wee Showmanship

1st Justin Day
2nd Daniel Epp
3rd Zach Johnson
4th  Nick Dickney
5th  Lana Krol

Junior Program Results
2014 Congress - 367 Exhibitors

Bantam Chickens              1474456  1930
Bantam Ducks                     18759     246
Large Fowl                          768171   939
Large Ducks                       142 27     169
Geese                                  73   4     77
Turkey                                  23  9      32
Total                             2667  7263393
Bantam Trios                        454     49
Large Fowl Trios                   252    28
Waterfowl Trios                     100    10
Total Trios                             816     87
Meets for 2014

American Langshan Club National
Oriental Hardfeather Club of North America National
Modern Game Bantam Club of America Eastern National
Dominique Club of America National
Old English Game Club of American (BIG Games) National
Araucana Club of America  National Meet
Faverolles Fanciers of America National Meet
Large Fowl Modern Game National Meet
Cochins International Special Meet
Belgian Bearded d'Anver District meet
American Silkie Bantam Club State Meet
Northeastern District Meet Nankin Club of America
International Cornish Breeders State Meet
Plymouth Rock Fancier's Club District Meet
Judges and Friends
The Northeastern Poultry Congress would like to thank all of our Members and Volunteers, The APA, The Judges, The Exhibitors, The Vendors, The Big E (Donna Woolam in particular) and all the Visitors who attended.
Thanks to everyone who stopped us to give words of  appreciation throughout the weekend. 
 Your kindness and encouragement means so much to us!!!!!!!!!!!

to Bob Joy 
for Winning the 
Lyon Roll X Raffle in 2014