The results are in!!!!
2005 Northeastern Poultry Congress
Total Largefowl:  469
Total Bantam:  1237
Total Waterfowl:  248
Total Entries:  1954

Large Fowl:

Champion Large Fowl, And Super Grand Champion of show  White Leghorn Ckrl;  Dot & Jerry Yeaw  also Best Land Fowl

Reserve Champ Lg. Fowl   Black OEG; Thomas Flory

Third Best Lg Fowl          Buff Cochin; Bill West


Champion Bantam   And Res. Super Grand Champion of show    White Leghorn Ckrl, By Dot and Jerry Yeaw also    Res Land Champion

Res Champion Bantam     Golden Sebright Hen  Bill Sandoe

Third Best Bantam     WC Blk Polish Pullet Cedar Ridge Bantams


Champion Waterfowl  White Runner    By Gary Grey   also Best Duck

Res Champion Waterfowl  Tolouse    Bill Sandoe

Third Best Waterfowl       Pekin  By Rick Hare  also Reserve Duck

Champion Turkey         Bronze  Somojo feather Farm

Super Grand Champion of Show
White Leghorn Cockerel,
Jerry & Dot Yeaw