Super Grand Champion
White Sebastopol by 
Karen MacPherson
Reserve Super Grand  Champion:  White Leghorn Pullet by George Beyer
3rd Best Waterfowl - Brown African C by Ryan Pullen
Reserve Waterfowl - Blue Muscovey by David Touchette
Champion Waterfowl - White Sebastopol by Karen MacPherson

3rd Best Large Fowl -  RC Ancona H by Yellow House Farm
Reserve Largefowl - Speckled Sussex by Lisa Olson
Champion Large Fowl - White Cochin H by Tom and Sandra Roebuck

3rd Best Bantam -  Quail Belgian D'Anvers P by Linda Bklackman
Reserve Bantam - Buff Brahma P by Dan Castle
Champion Bantam - White Leghorn P by George Beyer

Thanks to our Honorees this year - The Eastern States Agricultural Educational Staff
Display Winners 2018
1. William Gardhouse: Silver Laced Wyandotte LF 355 Points
2. Shawn Streeter: Black East Indie Ducks 316 Points
3. Robert Pool: New Hampshire Btms 263 Points
4. Robert Bently: White Wyandotte Btms 219 Points
5. Jan Brett: NB WC Black Polish Btms 212 Points
2018 Open Judges

Jacob Bates, Troy Laroche, Jackie Koedatich, Jeff Halbach, & Danny Padgett

Junior Judges

Paul Kroll, Linda Blackman, Dan Castle, & Tom Roebuck